Social Media Advertising

Our team will consult with you to identify your gaps, goals, needs and business urgencies. Once we are adept in the understanding of your advertising requirements, we will prepare a strategic plan which assists us to deploy highly targeted social campaigns to achieve your business growth outcomes.

The fun doesn’t end at setting up a campaign, which most agencies will often lead you to believe. At Point Dot Media we place emphasis and focus on campaign optimization. Each and every advertiser is dedicated an account manager to liaise with on the monitoring and performance tweaking of each campaign once we have gone live.

What you can expect is each month and certainly by the third month of working with Point Dot Media is to see the same advertising budget produce a higher output of results such as leads and sales. We make your advertising dollars count and that’s our commitment to you.


Social Media Management

We craft quality, likable, shareable and engaging posts on social media. We are adept across multiple social media platforms & we don’t just broadcast the content, we manage the growing community we build along the way.

Since our inception, we have become well-versed content marketers. From the outset, we will consult with you on the tone of voice, target audience, unique value proposition of your brand and much more. Once we understand our client, we will propose a content focused strategy that will increase your social media presence and overall brand equity. Once we’re up and running, our team A/B split test content and keep a watchful eye on the insights and analytics of each post to ensure we are replicating success and avoiding the content which does not resonate.

When partnering with Point Dot Media you can expect professionalism. We take our advertisers on the journey and value the input as nobody knows your business better than you and there is much to be benefited from a mutually aligned campaign!


Professional Copywriting

Our talented copywriters have mastered the art of writing truly genuine and authentic content that connects on all levels. Whether it be a blog, article, subject line, website, information memorandum or anything else, brief our team today. Each and every piece of copywriting produced at Point Dot Media undergoes an ‘Emotional Marketing Value’ test. As you know, reaching your customers in a deep and emotional way is a key to successful copywriting.

Our team undergo several draft revisions internally and with you the client to ensure you are happy with the copy that will be delivered and distributed via social media to your target audience. We want to make the experience as seamless as possible and ensure that all content created by Point Dot Media has a lasting impression with the prospective customer we are reaching.


Content Creation

We have an in-house content creation team who produce all sorts of creative, fun and engaging content. We are professional marketers who have the eye for branding which entails logo design, branding guidelines, website development and much more! Point Dot Media also capture the moments that matter with our in-house videography and photography team. Our capabilities ensure that our clients get what they pay for and that we are always creating content that works!


Facebook Messenger (Chatbots)

Smart Chats or more commonly known as chatbots are new disruptors in the digital marketing space. Only recently have talented marketers like the team at Point Dot, been able to work out and understand how chatbots fit into the sales and customer service eco-system.

Customer service bots can revolutionize your workforce, freeing them up from mundane and repetitive tasks. For example, we can build a smart chat which integrates all of your most frequently asked questions and business information into an interaction that will satisfy your customers needs in-the-moment without human intervention.

Point Dot Media has mastered the art of using smart chats as a dynamic sales funnels linking the chat with Facebook paid advertising ads which convert. Smart chats allow brands to become data-driven by capturing necessary information in the sales process and whilst converting like never before!


Grow Your Business Today

It all starts with exploring the opportunities that exisit and then taking action. Strategise with us today!