It’s imperative to be acutely aware of the agency with whom you partner & the team behind the success we deliver. Point Dot Media are the team you can entrust to deliver of efficiency and effectiveness. Delivering on client expectations is what we thrive on and that is why as an advertiser you can be confident with your decision to partner with an agency who cares.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

We are a team of more than 7, but here’s a few of us!

Dimitri Galanis
Dimitri Galanis- Director
Dimitri founded Point Dot Media in 2016 whilst working for Australias largest media publishing company. Dimitri’s vision is to align small to medium sized brands in Australia with skillful and passionate media talent as a team to deliver timely, reliable and quality work.
Patrick Hamid
Patrick Hamid- Tech Evangelist
When it comes to constructing “God-like” marketing funnels, there’s only one person for job. Introducing Patrick, our in-house tech evangelist who’s skills in automation, development & marketing are seldom surpassed.
Pamela Baki
Pamela Baki- Content Manager
Pamela is full of energy, loves to talk & has a keen eye for social media innovation. When you work with Point Dot, the chances are you will encounter Pamela and her enthusiasm. With a keen eye for detail, Pamela is our community manager and content marketing wiz!
Petro Galanis
Petro Galanis- Content Creator
He can fill a room with excitement. Petro’s personality is the very thing that our clients love. Professionally, Petro is responsible for curating all of Point Dot Media’s visual content from portrait photos to hero movies…Petro has you covered!

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